What does the project involve?

A team of talented, enthusiastic and awesome professional musicians and supporters working with vulnerable and ‘newly arrived’ young people.

They will provide a number of taster sessions, song writing and music workshops, and will together share the fruits of their experience at a celebration concert for friends, family and supporters.

The activities will provide a safe and supportive environment for expression, creativity and musical skills, as well as practical tools such as relaxation through breathing and rhythm exercises.

If that isn’t enough, there is also the chance to gain an Arts Award.

When will this happen?

From April 2018, with the concert in December 2018, some in school holidays which we know can get boring!

Where does this happen?

The taster sessions are in a variety of settings, and in total 52 hours of music making will be delivered.

Contact mona4youthmusic@gmail.com for more details.

What’s in it for the young people?

The project believes that by participating in ‘I Speak Music’, the budding young musicians will grow in self-confidence as well as improving their musical skills and increasing their life opportunities. 

By offering workshops in the school holidays, we are reaching out at a time when we know young people can feel most isolated and vulnerable.

They will be able to make new friends, relax and have fun while making music - their music. Instruments are provided - western classical, rock and those sourced from participants' region of birth.

Sessions will focus on exploring shared identities to serve as a catalyst to create new music together.

Specifically and longer term the project hopes that the young people who take part will be inspired to join and progress onto other Surrey Arts ensembles and groups. This will mean that they will continue to develop what they have learnt and explore other music genres after the project ends.

What’s in it for the tutors, project partners and supporters and professionals involved?

Tutors, supporters and project partners will also grow through this experience, as they are equal players. They will gain a better understanding of the challenges these young people face and grow in confidence through engaging with them.

Networking and knowledge share

Planning and awareness training sessions will be provided for all staff working on the project, and each music session will end with dedicated time for the music team to reflect and evaluate the session.

On June 7th, a unique networking event brought together professionals and community groups who work with, or have an interest in, supporting newly arrived and vulnerable young people through music and the arts, attended by over sixty people.



There was live music, guest speakers from national organisations and updates on local opportunities, and resources linked to this event will appear on this site soon.



Get involved

To find out more about the project, register or for language assistance please contact: mona4youthmusic@gmail.com