Surrey Arts is piloting the use of digital distance learning to increase access to their instrumental teaching provision and services, especially for those young people who currently don’t engage with formal music learning.

Inspired by the successful Connect Resound programme in North Yorkshire, students in Surrey will receive instrumental teaching via Skype technology and participate in online masterclasses.

Benefits of distance learning include:

·      Increases numbers of students learning music who might not have had the opportunity

·      Improved concentration

·      Increased enjoyment

·      Students progress in learning musical and instrumental skills

(Source = NYMAZ Connect Resound Research and Development Report: Heidi Johnson, Andrew King, Jonathan Savage, Emily Penn)

Surrey Arts Head of Service, Philiip Trumble said 'We value the impact learning music has on a child's education and are constantly looking at ways to reach and engage with them. The increased use of learning music on social media platforms shows that the market is changing and we can see potential in teaching some musical instruments to students who may find it difficult to travel or have time constraints.'

Young people from two schools and one out-of-school setting will be taught and mentored by Surrey Arts music tutors.

The pilot will run from September 2017 – January 2018 with plans to roll the programme out following this.

For more information or to find out how you can get involved please contact Abigail D’Amore, project manager: tel 07837 631492, email

Child learning music

Image credit: Sam Atkins / NYMAZ